About ICC


Indianola Children’s Center’s mission is to serve as a quality provider of childcare for toddlers, preschoolers, and schoolagers; to be a parent education center, and to be a community resource for the OSU, Columbus State and surrounding area.

ICC is a learning community for children and adults where:

  • Families with young children are provided with quality educational experiences that encourage children to reason, question, imagine, and explore;
  • Low-income and single wage earner families are welcomed;
  • The family unit is encouraged and promoted;
  • Peace-making and conflict resolution skills are fostered to help children and their families develop respect, concern, and reverence for the well-being of themselves, all people, and the natural world.

History and Background

Indianola Children’s Center (ICC) was organized in 2001 as a cooperative preschool by members of Indianola Presbyterian Church (IPC).  These members saw a need for a low-cost preschool in the church’s immediate area and were concerned by the lack of peacemaking skills utilized in many social and global arenas. In 2003, the preschool cooperative invited the Clintonville Children’s Center to share its space and eventually merged the two programs into a single, non-profit Center operated under the auspices of the Session of Indianola Presbyterian Church. The Center continues as a non-religious community outreach mission supported by the church.

The Website

The ICC website was created as a co-op trade with ICC community members and ICC parents.  Working with Tina Thonnings (Director of Business Development) and Anna Long (Director), the website was produced by:

  • Madeleine Fix: design/build, writing & copy editing; photos (visit website)
  • Peter Maurath: server / technical support
  • Bob Roehm: accessibility and proofreading consultation
  • Nicole Sheff:  original design and artwork for outdoor classroom 550-gallon raintank

Questions or comments about the website should be emailed to ICC at: