Preschool Classroom

Children in the Preschool Classroom are between three and five years old. This stage of development focuses on the whole child, with an emphasis on social-emotional skill building.  As a non-religious mission of the Indianola Presbyterian Church (IPC), the practice of peaceful conflict resolution is used daily. Using the Creative Curriculum, our early childhood educators implement a play-based approach.

Between three and five years of age, children are practicing and mastering skills such as:

  • Using print (writing, drawing) to solve a problem;
  • Identifying letters and numbers through reading and literacy;
  • Using body to gain coordination through large and fine motor skills activities;
  • Identifying  and handling feelings.

As a mixed-age classroom, the curriculum activities support the development of both 3 year-olds and the 5 year-olds. Following a daily schedule provides stability for children. However, based on children’s needs and interests, ICC’s built-in flexibility invites children to explore ideas that arise spontaneously. Children are encouraged to actively engage with the materials in each area of the classroom.

Curricular tasks are an integral part of each day and occur during snack, outdoor time, hand washing, toileting, lunch, nap and more. 

At daily group time, children are engaged in dialogue. The group time includes reading, games, songs, compare and contrast activities, and lively group discussions.  Teaching staff observe and assess the needs of the group to develop meaningful and developmentally appropriate discussions. For example, after reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, children explore story themes by planting beans and grass.

Throughout the day, activities invite children to explore their surrounding world with their whole bodies. For example, a blow painting art activity (using paint and straws) may become finger painting, then whole body painting.  Parents may expect messy children at the end of the day.

ICC provides morning and afternoon snack. Lunches are packed by the family. The teachers eat with the children at meal and snack times, modeling appropriate manners and eating healthy food. Children in the preschool classroom are already potty-trained and out of pull-ups. During the afternoon, children are expected to rest on their cots for a half-hour minimum.

At ICC, we love to see children growing: in play, in conversation, and interacting with one another. It is a delight to be a part of this daily growth and development.