Toddler Classroom


The ICC Toddler Classroom.

Children in the  toddler room are between the ages of 18 months to 3 years.

Toddlers enjoy a relaxed group experience. Children are encouraged to explore their environment. They learn through play-based, hands-on experiences.

Toddlers learn and explore with their whole bodies. Expect messy children at the end of the day.

The daily schedule is a balance between free-choice activities and teacher-directed group and/or individual activities.  There are also active times versus quiet times throughout the day.

Conflict resolution skills are modeled and practiced with children. We encourage and assist children in talking through conflict situations. Teachers talk about and practice touching other people gently. Children learn about sharing, waiting, taking turns, and using their words.

Teachers plan for daily routines as well as daily activities such as eating, sleeping, diapering or toileting. Planning is done for the group as well as for the individual children. Educators follow children’s interest through what observation, see and hear, and what parents share.

Daily routines such as eating, sleeping, dressing, diapering and toileting are all ideal situations for growth and development.

Through discussions and hands-on practice, children develop independence and self-regulation. Teachers encourage children to practice learning through tasks such as dressing themselves, putting on their socks and shoes, helping clean up their snack or lunch area, and cleaning up after activities.

Daily activities for the toddlers support and foster the development of language and the building of new concepts. This age is also a time of growth and development in the areas of self-control, focus, attention spans, and turn-taking.